Sunday, March 15, 2009


My studio has never looked so good! Not that it's cleaner, because it is certainly a mess, but its brighter. Bryan put in four new overhead lights for me on Saturday, what a difference.

Here are some pieces that I got cut out this week. Took them to the coffee shop with me this evening and got all the edges filed and sanded.

These are the tiniest skulls I've ever attempted, think they will be extremely cool earrings! We had such a great weekend, hope you all did as well. We went to the auto show friday evening and checked out pick up trucks( really would be safer way of transporting my gas tanks for the studio!) Then saturday we went to a cat show and met with some local breeders of Maine Coon cats. They are such gorgeous creatures. We lost our Hawthorn kitty back in Sept. and it just hasn't been the same around the house. He was part Maine Coon and we are absolutely in love with that breed now. So, hopefully this year we can add a new kitty member to the household.
We had another exciting possibility come up this weekend having to do with our jewelry, will keep you posted as we learn more.


Anonymous said...

hey andrea!
first of all, thanks so much for your comments on my new stuff-it always means so much coming from both of you guys!
secondly, what's the news with your jewelry???
can't wait to hear! and i'm lovin the little skulls-so awesome at that size..
take care-t

Mac said...

Wow. Maine Coons are gorgeous!