Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Earrings

Worked on some new earrings this weekend, these are nice casual everyday wearing with your jeans kind of earrings. The hearts are cut from a Missouri license plate and the red dots are from a stop sign.(Available in my Etsy shop)

Got my new acetylene/air torch hooked up this weekend and Bryan and I went out today to buy some duct work to install a hood vent that has been sitting in the studio for a few years now. We're starting to rearrange the studio so that we can both be down there working at the same time(without bumping into each other) and it's just really time to get that area organized.

I'm working on a lightening bolt necklace and will be asking for your input on this in the next day or so. We came up with a couple of bolts and can't decide which shape we like best.

Time for a walk and a little coffee to end up this Sunday!

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