Sunday, August 26, 2012

A skull in progress

Most of the time my designs are not pre-planned and sketched out. This piece started because I was rummaging through all my license plates and the color of this NY plate just struck me so gorgeous. I pulled it from the box and as I was looking at the colors and scratches the "X" screamed out skull and bones to me. Ok, I know your probably thinking that theme screams at me daily. It does, but this one was extra loud.

So, I had a skull cut out on my bench for another piece and grabbed it to put on top of the X. Yep, I'm making this for sure!

I've been playing around with steel this summer and put together a chain that's both sterling silver and steel. The skull will be bezel set in sterling with copper behind his eyes. Can't wait to see him finished. Im also trying to make more pieces that guys could wear. This one could definitely be worn by male or female.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

art fair prep

I've been frantically trying to get ready for the upcoming Plaza Art fair here in Kansas City. This little brooch is really the only finished piece while everything is still in pieces like below. The cutting out of pieces though is the most time consuming so I won't totally become a wreck yet. I've been making lots of handmade chain this summer. It certainly adds a lot to a piece to do this.

Also, been working on a re-design for the Citybird necklace. Still debating the chain that will go with him.

Trying out a skull with wings and bezel set Street Hearts. Besides all the jewelry I also want to re-design the booth and make it a little easier to set up and all able to fit in my car rather than renting a truck even though I had sooo much fun a couple of years ago maneuvering the huge pick-up through those tight streets with all the other artists setting up. I think the setting up part of any show is so much fun. You really get to know all your neighbors and everyone is ready to lend a hand when needed.

I think Bryan and I finally nailed down the booth design this week. It's actually an example of how well we work together to solve problems. We knew we wanted to take advantage of the carpeted wall panels and hang more work there but how to display it? We tossed around LOTS of ideas, made mock-ups and then settled on this paper pulp material that we've always used with our frame displays. I tested it out with velcro strips on the walls and that was great but not so pretty. The edges needed some finishing. I tried cutting cardboard boxes and "framing" the pulp, ok but not great. Bryan comes down into the studio, looks at it and about two minutes later says "what about black gaffers tape around the edge." I grabbed the tape and wrapped the edge of a piece(differently than what he was actually thinking) and voila! it looked great. So, the issue of hanging on the wall is complete, now to make up some new earring trees.