Sunday, March 1, 2009



They finally have names! I've never been good at naming my artwork and now that we've been putting together an application for the NYIGF Bryan and I decided we'd better get a name attached to each piece of jewelry. This will make it easier to order items from the price sheets we are putting together.

These two got their names while we were sitting at the coffee shop( Those of you who live here in Kansas City and know us are probably laughing out loud right now!) as we tend to do quite A LOT. If we're not at work or at home we are at the coffee shop, what can we say we get lots of ideas when we're there. So, back to the names; I was having a mocha called the Jolly Roger and we both thought immediately: ROGER! Of course that's a perfect name for a boy skull but what now for the girl! I pulled up the thesaurus and looked up the word JOLLY and then came up with BLITHE.

Here they are posing for their portrait, how cute!


Mac said...

I like how you make the eye-sockets different sizes. :-)

Mia Sophia said...

Those names are perfect! Once you hear them it is "of course! what else?" congratulations.