Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look what arrived in our shop!

These packages arrived in our shop last week, my mouth hit the floor when I walked in and saw them. They are HUGE!
It's Hoops & YoYo. They came to our store to make an appearance in our new kids department.
It was quite the ordeal to get our volunteers in the costumes. We learned after the first showing that it was way to difficult to get them through the doorways so we put the heads on them in a quiet corner of the store.
Still trying to get the heads on..
A little guidance through the store...
Aren't they the cutest! They are my favorite Hallmark characters. If your not familiar with them you should check out their e-cards on  The days of the week are hilarious!!
This shot really gives you idea of the scale of the suits.
Gina and I just had to put the feet on, then of course we had to walk over to HR and do a little Pee Wee style dancing in front of their window!
The head on the floor was just screaming for me to get a photo and place the caption" I've fallen and I can't get up!"


Mia Sophia said...

Oh I love them! They are so cute. My daughter received one of their music birthday cards last year and played it over and over. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

You nut, you have such a fun job!!

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

That is SO COOL!!!!~~~XXOO, Beth

Mac said...