Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is Bryan's birthday so I tried my hand at making corndogs(one of his favorites) and they turned out GREAT! I only have a small deep fry so I had to cut the dogs in half, I just called them party size corndogs. Bryan was a little worried about how they would come out but right after the first bite I could tell by his face that I had done good. Whew!, what a relief because it probably wasn't a good idea to try something new for such a special occasion.

I carried on the theme with one of his gifts and got him this cool letterpress print from Amy over at PSPress. She has some really nice work in her Etsy shop.

I was going to blog about the new children's dept. that is opening in the store tomorrow but in my haste to leave this evening I forgot to snap some photos of the finished project. So, I will be showing all of that thursday evening and probably more on Friday. It was a huge project, turned out great, was fun to work on, glad it's finally done!

Talk with you tomorrow night!

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