Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kid Oh!

Here is the reveal of the new children's department that we've been designing/installing at work for the last couple of months.
We partitioned off the space to keep things top secret before today's grand opening.
Fitting rooms were installed to what was a stock room.
A little paint going up on the walls and pine nesting tables being given a new look with bright paints.

VOILA! A fun new department for kids.

This is the entrance into the fitting rooms. We decided to do a fun display in this case and made jewelry out of candy.

We padded out a grey formica cash wrap with white vinyl, very chic!


Mac said...

It needs an espresso machine.

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Oh how fun! I want to shop there! You do an excellent job!~~~XXOO, Beth

blacklilypie (Tara Fortin) said...

What a fun job you have! :-)

Eccentricities said...

This is fantastic, Andrea! I love the bright colors and creative expression.