Monday, November 2, 2015

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival- Studio Tours

This month we are taking a visit through several EtsyMetal team members studios. I always find it so interesting to see where other artists work, don't you? Here's a glimpse into mine and Bryan's workspace. We've been doing some re-arranging and everything is not quite in place yet. We recently bought a second workbench just for stonesetting and engraving.
just recently scored this anvil from my father in law. Makes the studio look official I think!

Stone setting and engraving space. One of these days I'll get all the bits and bobs put into these drawers.

enameling and soldering to the right and forming to the left.

 A jumbled mess of tools, buffing and pickling area.

Beads and do-dads fill this old vintage cabinet. Eventually I'll label all the drawers so that I don't have to pull out 6 drawers before finding the one I actually want.

I like to leave parts and scraps on the top of this cutting bench, it helps give me ideas for future pieces.
To check out some more studio space click on each of the following links, enjoy!

1. Laura jane Bouton
2. 2Roses
3. Fenton Design
4. Beth Cyr