Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sketch for brooch

A sketch for a new cameo style brooch. The bezel will be similar to the one I made for the resin dome a few posts back although I think I will make this one in sterling. I plan to use several types of material for this piece including license plates, paper,and fabric.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Come on in the store.....

It's been awhile since you've been in. This year we had a fun color scheme of purple,turquoise, and lime; then on top of that for our big outdoor windows we threw in a spacey Jetson's theme. The Jetsons christmas special is running on a 24 hour loop.

Here at the crown center store we wanted to tie our mannequins in with the spacey theme and came up with these glasses and ears that we painted glossy white, they look like they really are part of the mannequin!

Sure wish mac were here to see these, he would have flipped over them! I had given him a pair of these glasses for his birthday this year which is what made me think of them for this window.

This garland runs on two levels of the store and is decorated on the inside and outside of the railings. We didn't drop a single ball this year, yay for us! The poor men's dept.(lower level) gets showered with a lot of glitter though.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This weekend

This weekend i finished this ankh necklace for my friend Carol. I did some extra texturing on the edge that I think looks really great. Carol does some amazing ceramics, mostly black and white work dealing with saints and milagros. I own several of these and don't see my collecting of them slowing down at all.

Here is another friend of mine Tammy with her new Citybird necklace. You can see this in progress a couple of posts back. If you haven't been to her site Homemade Circus yet hop on over you will be delighted!

This is my newest piece from her, the Trapeze artist. Isn't she beautiful! I'm trying to think ahead as I plan where to hang her because I know that I am going to add to this when she comes out with the other circus folk.

I also worked on the guitar a bit more. This will be done by this weekend,Yay! Everywhere that you see a drilled hole will be a sterling solid wire rivet which is what will connect all layers of this piece together.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Amuck at Latteland

Bryan and I set up a show at latteland on the Plaza this week with our friend Dick Daniels. So, if you're in kansas City head on down for a latte and peruse the artwork. I think Mikey and Sugar need the POOPY painting (Yes, I buy artwork for my kitties).

Bird and skull brooches are brand new this season. I've been sporting my bird pin on my hat.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Retailer! Christopher Park Gallery

Our newest retailer is Christopher Park Gallery in Greenville,SC. You can check out the gallery here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what I'm working on

Trying out something new. When I made the resin windows for my rocket ship last week I poured a few extra domes and filled them with tiny pieces of street signs. These are itty bitty little disks that have been punched out of larger pieces where I make my rivet connections. I save all my scraps in hopes of coming up with a new piece that I can incorporate them into.

Tonight I went down to the studio and cut the copper piece that will house the dome and got it mostly soldered. Almost never get a bezel soldered all the way in one shot. The evenings sure fly by quickly, I could've stayed down there a lot longer tonight.

I think my favorite part of this pendant is the back. I love how you will be able to see into the dome from the backside!

I also got a bit more done on this bird necklace for my friend Tammy. It's going to be quite lovely all in black, white, and grey.