Monday, June 24, 2013

Enameling class

Last weekend I took a torch fired enameling class with Anne Havel. I haven't taken any jewelry classes since I was in college, it was so much fun. I really should start using my vacation time from work to travel and take a few.

This is one of Anne's pieces. Such great texture and pattern within this brooch/pendant.

Anne supplied us with enamels in the color palette that she likes to work with. I think they worked well with my "piratey" theme thatI did on these 3 pieces. I actually managed to get one of the pieces set over the weekend as well!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday morning

Aah, Saturday morning. I like having a little quiet time to myself to have that first cup of coffee and a little snuggle with my Sugar cat.
I'm planning on spending the day in the studio and doing some enameling. I've been wearing a scalloped frame necklace that I made a few months back so would like to make a couple more and maybe some matching earrings. I really need to give the studio a good cleaning/organizing so part of the day may be that. I keep thinking of all the little tasks that could be done down there like bolting a few heavy items to the workbench tops, unsticking a window so that I can get some fresh air!
This could easily turn into a full day of cleaning down there which would probably make me be more efficient in the long run so I guess that would be ok.

What are your plans for this Saturday?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival- What's up this summer?

Every month our Etsy Metal group posts a question for us to blog about. This month is "Summer, what's your plans?". 

Usually my husband and I are planning a trip to NY but we decided to hold off on any big trips this year and save some money. So, instead we've been doing lots of yard work. Gardening really isn't our thing but last year I kinda got bit by the gardening bug! We are not fans of mowing either so if we can plant something to cover up more yard we are all for it. Last weekend we bought 4 different types of ground cover and planted down the length of one side of the house, whew! That was quite the undertaking.

Yesterday we planted a couple of San Marzano tomato plants. We got hooked on these tomatoes earlier this year, if you haven't tried them add it to your list of things to try. They make the best tomato soup and sauce!

I will also be busy making jewelry and getting ready for an art fair in September. Will be taking a few days off from the day job each month in order to get things made. That's really the only way I am able to produce any amount of work. Oh! I'm also going to be taking a three day enameling class this month which Im super excited for.

So, just hanging around the house in the yard and in my studio are my summer plans. What's yours?

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