Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wintery day

It has been snowing like crazy here in Kansas City these past few weeks, in fact we haven't had snow like this for 20 years here! After dinner we went out for coffee none the less. The Plaza was like a ghost town when we got there but the coffeeshop was open and all the regulars were there! Apparently nothing keeps us from meeting up on our normal coffee nights. It was a great time! This is a view of our street on our drive back home.

Since I am on the topic of winter thought I'd share a little winter display that we made at work for one of the display cases in the kids department.

It's day 6 of the Ring a Day project. I made these while at the coffee shop tonight. This orange plastic bag was in the recycle bin just screaming at me to be turned into a ring.

Dave and Bryan decided to join me in the ring making fun. We have a wooden drink stir ring and a straw ring set with a coffee bean!

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