Monday, January 4, 2010

day 4 Ring

today's ring actually started off as one of my license plate hoop earrings. it fits so nice around my finger though so a ring it is! I came up with another cool ring idea tonight but will need to save it for Saturday when I'll have more time in the studio. My weekday rings will have to be fairly quick designs. I'm so excited to be involved with this project because I will get a chance to make some outrageous rings that aren't necessarily everyday wearable pieces. It's also a chance to play with different materials. I have become so inspired by paper lately so will do many rings in that medium I'm sure.


Paula said...

That ring is so cute, I really like it!! Sort of a take on the "tie a string around your finger to remember something"--I like it.

emmy-ray said...

What an innovative idea. You need to teach me how to rivet, like right now!

Jeanee said...

You're going strong with your ring-a-day!

Check out THIS rubber ring. Cute huh?

andrea said...

Thanks! I'd be happy to show you some riveting Emily. I should straighten up my studio and have you over!

That is a cute rubber band ring. there have been a few really neat ones on the Ring a day flickr page. It's amazing what beautiful lines those rubber bands create!