Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Review

Thought we would do a recap of our 2009. It started off with being accepted into the Brookside Art Annual(our first big juried art fair). We introduced our City Bird necklace at this show which has been a big hit this year. This week we are getting our application finalized to send in for this show again.

Our second application that we sent out was for the New York International Gift Fair. Once again luck was on our side and we were accepted and offered an awesome corner booth space on level one of the Handmade section. This was quite the undertaking and a totally new experience for us. We now had to design our booth in a way that would be easy to ship to New York without completely going broke. Bryan came up with the idea to build a crate that could also double as one of our tables. It turned out fabulous! This way the crate could stay within our booth space and we wouldn't have to sit around after the show ended waiting for the convention center guys to bring the crate back to our booth so we could break down and pack up! We will be showing there again in August,can't wait.

The third application for the year went for the Plaza Art fair. We love this show. It was a special thrill to be accepted to this(keep you're fingers crossed that we get in again next year!) Every year while at work I would wonder what it was like on the Plaza as the artists were setting up they're booths preparing for the opening night. Now I know, and I love it!

We had three pieces of jewelry published in the book "1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse" by Garth Johnson.

An earring project was accepted for the upcoming book "30 Minute Earrings" from Lark books. This is due out June 2010.

A very cool article was written about us by Jasmine from

We also did two demos of our work. The first was at a wonderful shop in Columbia, Missouri called Poppy. The second demo was for the Kansas City Sterling Guild.

At home this year we added two lovely Maine Coon kitties to our family, Mikey and Sugar. They are quite the handfuls!!

So, now we say hello 2010! Looking forward to what you have to bring.

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Eccentricities said...

What a great year for you guys, Andrea! Here's to much success in 2010! Your art is an inspiration and I am NO metalsmith, but I did think of you last night as I was cutting hearts out of sheet metal to make some new garden stakes. What a fun medium and the possibilities are endless!