Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I can finally take a breather, but just a quick one! The Brookside Art Annual was this past weekend, we lucked out and had wonderful weather all three days. The crowd wasn't as large as years' past but it was fun to do none the less, and boy did it wear me out.We had great neighbors on either side of us and met lots of nice people. We hope to be fortunate enough to get juried in to next years show as well.

For all of you who came out and stopped to chat with us we really appreciate it and I will get my online shop loaded up with goodies throughout the week. I wrote down several new ideas while we were out there and can't wait to get started on these designs!

Bryan and I both took Monday off from work to re-coop a bit but are both still extremely tired today as well. We actually did a little work for the next big show while we were home yesterday. We stopped by the UPS store to get some ideas on packing up our booth that we will be shipping to New York in August. Also, started doing some hotel research.

I am glad to be blogging again after such a break and look forward to catching up with all my fellow bloggers!

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Eccentricities said...

Hi, Andrea! Glad you had a good show. I meant to make it down from Stuff but was covered in grout most of the time!! Good luck on the next show!