Monday, April 20, 2009

Art Shows coming up

It's a mad rush to get things finished for our upcoming shows! I got quite a bit done yesterday and have taken today off from work so I could stay home and work in the studio. I have REALLY enjoyed the recent days off to work in studio. Sometimes I wonder could I really work down there for 8 hours a day but after this month I can definitely say yes I could.

Worked on some new earrings yesterday, love them! Next saturday we will be at Art on the Hill in Kearney, Missouri. It is a one day show from 9-4pm. I highly recommend coming out to see this one if you are in the area. My friend Tammy from Homemade Circus will be there. You can click on the link to her shop to view the invitation to the show and get a peek at her FABULOUS art!

We sete up the tent last weekend to test how we will string the lights for the Brookside show and to figure out which type of light bulb we liked best. Think it will be a cute set-up. I hope we have warm and sunny weather both weekends!


tammy smith said...

hey andrea-
your tent is lookin good! brian's idea for hanging the curtain looks like it'll work great! btw-i want to own one of your pieces...actually i want to own SEVERAL of them but i will start with one.
hopefully i can make some $$$ soon and then i'm comin' to your house to shop!

Gina Martin said...

maybe tammy will let me tag along....i love your work!