Monday, May 25, 2009

More fun ahead!


WOW! The excitement just isn't stopping this year. We found out friday evening that we have been accepted into the Plaza Art Fair. The competition for this show is outrageous, really didn't expect to get in. We had recently started looking into getting a new tent for outdoor shows but this definitely makes up our mind, we need a new tent indeed!

This show is one month after our New York show so we can use the cool new tables that we are planning to build for the NY set-up. Bryan came up with an idea that will turn our crate(that we are shipping everything in) into two 6ft. tables. We are now designing the lights that attach to one of the tables. Went through the hardware store yesterday to see if they had everything we needed.

Well, I need to get into the studio a bit today and finish up a red bird necklace and figure out my next metal/tool order.


tammy smith said...

If I haven't said it here on your blog yet--CONGRATS-CONGRATS and CONGRATS'll be a blast to be in a show together! Can't wait-and I can't wait to hear some of those great ideas Bryan has for the light and tables-let's talk!

elle said...

Holy CRAP!!! What a year you guys are having! hen it rains, it pours! On the tent note, I am borrowing Kari Heybrock's kickin' tent for the Mulvane Art Fair in Topeka next weekend. I just had my tutorial session for setup yesterday. It's a REALLY nice tent. I'll take some pics next weekend and send you the info. Keep rockin' it!