Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Weekend So Far..

The tree and mantle are finally decorated, at least as much as I'll do this year! My Christmas tree is a bit different than most. As I have mentioned before I LOVE Halloween so I carry it into Christmas as well.

This is just one of my Halloween trees. I have a white tree that I will do every other year that is all black,white,and chrome but still Halloween. Think of crows,spiders,ghosts!

I've been trying to come up with a booth display and recently found some items antiquing that I thought would work. I painted the legs of the footstool and the frame glossy black. Any feedback or ideas on this display would be greatly appreciated.

After we got the booth photo taken we went to dinner at Grinder's. The chili bomb pie is one of our new favorite things. You order whatever type pizza you like then in the center they put chili, green scallions, tater tots, and nacho style cheese! ( I could go for some of those tots right now). Usually we would go for a walk afterwards but it was just too cold so we drove around and looked at x-mas lights. I have some great photos of that to share with you tomorrow!

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