Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mouse Thief!

We were checking the table yesterday because we know that people will eat the candy right off of it when I noticed that there was a huge difference in the number of mice over the gumdrops. We started with SIX mice and now there are only TWO!! I can see someone snatching a gumdrop or something small like that but to take one of these chocolate mice! Unbelievable, I can't imagine going into a store and actually taking something off the display like that and eating it.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't partake of the goodies either, but some people probably think you put those luscious candies out there as samples, maybe!

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

I'll admit it. I flew out to the MidWest and nibble me some chocolate mice. I'm sorry. I'll put them back. Your display obviously looked good enough to eat! :)~~~XXOO, Beth