Tuesday, December 1, 2009

what I'm working on

Trying out something new. When I made the resin windows for my rocket ship last week I poured a few extra domes and filled them with tiny pieces of street signs. These are itty bitty little disks that have been punched out of larger pieces where I make my rivet connections. I save all my scraps in hopes of coming up with a new piece that I can incorporate them into.

Tonight I went down to the studio and cut the copper piece that will house the dome and got it mostly soldered. Almost never get a bezel soldered all the way in one shot. The evenings sure fly by quickly, I could've stayed down there a lot longer tonight.

I think my favorite part of this pendant is the back. I love how you will be able to see into the dome from the backside!

I also got a bit more done on this bird necklace for my friend Tammy. It's going to be quite lovely all in black, white, and grey.


emmy-ray said...

Hey lady, hope you're enjoying your skull! I was wondering if you might add me to the blogroll on your page. You're already on mine, I'd love you forever!

tammy smith said...

oh I can't wait to get my black and white bird!! It's gorgeous. And I understand what you were describing now on the pendants and I think they're really REALLY cool looking. I bet those go fast!

Eccentricities said...

Great new design incorporating the little round discs!! Don't you just love it when it all comes together as you had hoped (and sometimes even better!). Love the black, white and gray bird, too!