Sunday, December 20, 2009

Come on in the store.....

It's been awhile since you've been in. This year we had a fun color scheme of purple,turquoise, and lime; then on top of that for our big outdoor windows we threw in a spacey Jetson's theme. The Jetsons christmas special is running on a 24 hour loop.

Here at the crown center store we wanted to tie our mannequins in with the spacey theme and came up with these glasses and ears that we painted glossy white, they look like they really are part of the mannequin!

Sure wish mac were here to see these, he would have flipped over them! I had given him a pair of these glasses for his birthday this year which is what made me think of them for this window.

This garland runs on two levels of the store and is decorated on the inside and outside of the railings. We didn't drop a single ball this year, yay for us! The poor men's dept.(lower level) gets showered with a lot of glitter though.

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