Sunday, December 13, 2009

This weekend

This weekend i finished this ankh necklace for my friend Carol. I did some extra texturing on the edge that I think looks really great. Carol does some amazing ceramics, mostly black and white work dealing with saints and milagros. I own several of these and don't see my collecting of them slowing down at all.

Here is another friend of mine Tammy with her new Citybird necklace. You can see this in progress a couple of posts back. If you haven't been to her site Homemade Circus yet hop on over you will be delighted!

This is my newest piece from her, the Trapeze artist. Isn't she beautiful! I'm trying to think ahead as I plan where to hang her because I know that I am going to add to this when she comes out with the other circus folk.

I also worked on the guitar a bit more. This will be done by this weekend,Yay! Everywhere that you see a drilled hole will be a sterling solid wire rivet which is what will connect all layers of this piece together.


Anonymous said...

The guitar is fabulous, love it.

tammy smith said...

I LOVE that geeetar!! YOu better make alot of those.