Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in KC

We arrived back in Kansas City saturday afternoon. Actually wasn't sure I'd get on the plane in NY. Something in the back pocket of my jeans kept setting of the sensors and if I wasn't cleared 100% I wasn't going to be allowed to fly. It was a bit scary because I hadn't packed any other clothing items in my carry-on due to all the jewelry supplies(above) I had packed into it instead. Bryan did however have a pair of jeans in his so if all else failed I would've left mine there and put his extra pair on. Fortunately after quite some time(in a secure room) the two security ladies and myself discovered a tiny nailhead buried in the seam of the back pocket,whew!

It felt strange driving into the downtown area of KC,seemed so small now having been in NY for 10 days. When we pulled up to our house we could hardly believe our eyes. My mom had done so much yard work during our time away, it was beautiful. These flower pots were empty(actually they probably still had some dead plants in them)when we left.

While we were at NYIGF Jasmin from stopped by our booth. Today she wrote up this great article about us, you can check it out here. We had a great time at the show and can't wait to implement some new ideas for the next one!

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Eccentricities said...

Great article, Andrea! Glad you guys had fun at the show. Are you doing any shows in KC this fall?