Friday, August 14, 2009

NYIGF starts tomorrow

We made it to NY on time and on a very smooth flight with Midwest. We'd never flown with them before and were very happy with the flight, although we were too early in the morning for the famous chocolate chip cookies. I don't see anything wrong with serving cookies at 7 am do you? This is the view from our hotel room. There are some great buildings on this street, and the Dunkin Donuts is just around the corner!! I get to enjoy a great cup of their coffee every morning as I walk to the Javits Center each day for the show.

Here Iam setting up the jewelry this morning, wanted to make sure I knew where I wanted everything to go for tomorrow morning. We got the booth set up within a couple hours of being in the city yesterday.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and passed this window and had to stop. This big guy was guarding the store, so beautiful!

Then we had to go to Metalliferous and stock up on some supplies. Look at all these bins of beads and charms. I went crazy in the chain aisle.

After a cool down back at the hotel we decided to jump on the subway and go to the lower east side to check out the brand new Self Edge store. Bryan is very much into denim so that was a must and they also happen to be testing out a new credit card swiper that plugs into the headphone jack of an I phone, very cool! We can't wait for this to be available to the public, wish it would be ready by the time Plaza Art fair comes around but don't think so, darn it!

After another cool down at the hotel we decided to find some food. We pulled out the i phone and searched for places nearby. A mexican restaurant came up that was just around the corner that had a VERY high rating and was inexpensive so we hit the street. It had also mentioned that very little english was spoken in there and boy were they right. There was also something else going on in the back room, not sure but I think that may have more to do with the high rating! The food was excellent though. It reminded us of the taco truck that we used to follow around kck with the neighbors.

Well, tomorrow is the first day of the show. The Handmade section is the first area to open so it should be really busy, had better get to bed now.


Jeanee said...

wow... look at you! good luck 2morrow!!!

alissa said...

Hope the show goes well! I saw your stuff at the ric rac roundup - love it! I'm glad you'll be at the plaza art fair!

tammy smith said...

Thinking of you all daily!! Let us know how it goes.

emmy-ray said...

I am jealous you got to visit Metalliferous, I freakin love that place!