Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping Amuck style

Ahh, street signs. These are our current favorite material to work with in our jewelry. People always ask us where we get our materials so we thought we would share this weekends shopping adventure. We have been super busy since coming back from NY with getting some orders out and building up our inventory for the Plaza art fair as well as a trunk show that we will be doing at a fabulous shop called Poppy in Columbia ,Missouri. We are so happy to announce that Amuck jewelry is now available at The Artful Hand gallery in Chatham,MA. and Galerie Matisse in Lake Geneva,WI.

So, with all this work going on in the studio we actually ran out of sign that was a smooth white color(without the honeycomb pattern that most new signs have now). Time to look for more signs....

Here we are at a recycling artists dream...a metal scrap yard. Piles and piles of possibility waiting right here. We found some great stuff.

Back at home with my purchases for the day, time to get back in the studio! Plaza art fair is this weekend.

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emmy-ray said...

I plan on stopping by to say hello, hope I can find you in the sea of humanity!