Sunday, February 1, 2009


This has been a very productive sunday. Started the day off by sleeping in a bit then went to brunch at Lidia's with my mom and Gino to celebrate Bryan and I being accepted into the Brookside art fair. I LOVE brunch at Lidia's, it is always so yummy. We started with a caesar salad,fresh fruit, assorted breads and other little anti pasta. My main course was an omelet with salmon and goat cheese then you finish with all kinds of desserts. WOW!

Worked in the studio for a while when we got home. Bryan and I have been trying to come up with a few new designs and he sketched out this earring idea yesterday so I went down in the studio today and made a pair. We love the way it turned out, the earwire shape will change a bit but thats all. Its made from sterling silver, a residential road sign, & copper tubing. They look like little street lights so this one will be called the GO earring. We're going to spend an afternoon and make bunches of these little pods and make one massive necklace which will be named the Traffic Stopper!

We spent the next few hours working on getting our business tax stuff all together. This year we are going to be so much more organized. Bryan designed some spread sheets this past week that will really help. After that it was time for our usual sunday night walk and tea on the Plaza. It was like a ghost town out there tonight with the Superbowl being on. We're not into football so we always like to take advantage of getting out on that day since it's not so crowded in town!

Ok, time for a little magazine reading then off to bed. Lots to do at work this week, fresh spring windows and table top changes in the store.

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