Friday, February 6, 2009

Critique Me

Bryan and I have been trying to write our bio this week. Here is what we've come with. Any thoughts you have would be GREATLY appreciated.


Bryan and Andrea Ring take pieces from the city such as street signs and license plates and combine them with precious metals to create fine art jewelry. Inspired by graphic city imagery Bryan and Andrea design and fabricate unique work in their midtown Kansas City, Missouri home and studio.


T.Allen said...

Bryan and Andrea Ring: found object artists.

The *insert relationship i.e. single/married/shacking up 1000years* pair covet pieces from city streets and other random locales; items like license plates and *insert something else*. They then, combine their treasured findings with precious metals to fabricate their unique style of fine art jewelry.

Inspired by graphic urban imagery, the pair design and fabricate each piece in their midtown Kansas City, Missouri home studio.

You like? ;)

BlueTerracotta said...

How about: "They take anything from street signs to license plates to (other) and, combining them with precious metals, create unique wearable fine art."
Maybe put your second sentence first, as it goes from general to more specific that way.
But I like what T.Allen-Mercado wrote!!