Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning

It was a great day! Got lots of pieces cut out; unfortunately my two fingers were included!! Pirate band aids do ease the pain though.

Good Morning! I've taken today off from work so that I could work in my studio all day. I have 8 weeks until the Brookside Art Fair and have A LOT to make. I do pretty good working in the studio after work during the weekdays but usually don't manage to get much done on the weekends so figured I'd better take a couple of days between now and May to really produce. I can get get quite a bit done when home by myself. I drove Bryan into work this morning just to make sure I got up and moving. Decided since I was doing that I might as well go in and have some breakfast at the cafeteria. So, I've started the day with some bisquits and gravy, bacon, orange juice and coffee and then I had to have one of the great( and addictive!) granola bars that they make.

I took some photos last night for a new postcard. We've used the same image for the last two years and the Hearsay Heart necklaces that I make have changed a bit since that photo so , time for a new shot. Decided to include a bunch of different styles of necklaces for this card.

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