Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What should I make?

I thought about giving myself a monthly challenge over the holiday season and thought tonight, "Darn January is almost half over already, I'd better get busy!" I'd like to start each month with a different theme and design/make a jewelry piece fitting to it. I definitely want to do a Steampunk theme and probably Alice in Wonderland. What do you think? Please leave your theme ideas in the comments. I'll announce this month's theme over the weekend.

* Remember: always wear your safety goggles in the studio when cutting and soldering!


lesley said...

i think the alice in wonderland theme would be great! i love your shop - all your pieces are fabulous.


p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!

Eccentricities said...

How about architecture as a theme? Both buildings themselves and drawing inspiration from elements in architecture. For example, sometimes design in old floor grates, elaborate doorknobs, molding, columns, doors, wrought iron fences (might be dangerous around your neck!) contain really amazing detail. So many possibilities with metal in terms of texture and patina!!

Have a great weekend!!