Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here's my little photo booth. I have been experimenting with the camera and backdrops these past two nights and getting really frustrated. I used to shoot on a black background but think that looks a bit too stuffy for my Etsy shop. I still use the black background for submissions to art fairs but have been trying to come up with a look that's less formal but still professional for my shop and promo materials. I bought three different gray papers to try out this evening and think I like one of them. I'll have to re-shoot tomorrow night and switch photos out in my shop to really see if I like the look.

It's late so think I will just crawl in bed, read a bit of Alice in Wonderland and hopefully get some sleep. The sleep thing hasn't been that great this week, UGHH!


Eccentricities said...

Pictures in general frustrate me. I think yours look great and do a really good job of capturing your work. I have the utmost respect for photography as an art form and I just ain't got it. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend!!

Sinje Ollen said...

Boy do I hear your troubles with backtrouns! I just bought a tent for photographing and I have no clue what background to choose. Black seems so severe. white makes things dissappear...