Thursday, November 6, 2008

A look into the sewing room

Here's a peek into my sewing room which inhabits the dining room that is almost never dined in! I've been getting ready for two shows that I'm participating in this month. The first one starts tomorrow evening, dropped off a bunch of aprons and potholders tonight after work and got my table and display set up. I've never had so many potholders made at one time. I made it through a third of the stack in the photo and will finish those remaining this weekend for the next show.

I was hoping to share with you some of the christmas decorations I've been making for the entrance to the store where I work but left my camera there tonight. We've been glittering GIANT ball ornaments that will be suspended over the entrance, they are looking pretty cool so far. The only draw back is that I've managed to eat some glitter along the way, that stuff sure gets everywhere!

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Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Love those aprons I see hanging in the corner! Your sewing space rocks!~~XXOO, Beth