Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cool Stuff

The Cool Stuff show was lots of fun this year. I traded an apron for one of Natalie's cute little ceramic snowman buckets. Here is a small sampling of the great items that were at this years' show.


Anonymous said...

very cool, love all those items.

btw how big was that space they used? It looks like a regular meeting room or something.

andrea said...

Hi Melanie, The show was held in Maria's house. We used all the rooms on the first floor.

tammy smith said...

hi andrea-
I really love your stuff-found your name on my blog and followed it to your Etsy shop also--great artwork!
I somehow missed the cool stuff show even though I live in KC also...don't know how that happened...
anyway-thanks for signing onto my blog.
I'll link to yours also-