Thursday, November 13, 2008

Glittering Balls

It has been such a busy week. We are in the middle of Christmas set up at the store and Bryan and I have another craft sale for the next two weekends that starts tomorrow. We dropped our items off and set them up this evening. I've been working on these huge ball ornaments for over a week now, unfortunately I deleted the before pics that I had taken. It's been a slow process glittering these things but the end is drawing near. I had a big set back early in the week when I took the green ball outside to spray seal it. I didn't think before hand about the cooler air outside and the warmer air within the ball, so when I went out it shrank and these huge cracks starting appearing all over the surface! For a moment I thought the thing might explode, so I grabbed it and went back in just to stare at it and figure out how to fix this mess. After a while it swelled back up and didn't look as bad but now I had this layer of air between the glued glitter and the balls' surface. Amazingly I have gotten all the pieces glued back and concealed, we just need to be very careful when hanging it. These giants are going to be suspended over the entrance to the store, should make a nice impact.

Next door at Hallmark they are getting set up for christmas as well.

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