Monday, February 1, 2016

Etsy Metal Blog Carnival-"Inside our Sketchbooks"

This month we are peeking inside each others sketchbooks to see what might be on the horizon for our work or what has been in our books and maybe started, never started, etc. I have so many sketchbooks lying around my house and I find it really fun to look back into them every once in awhile. Two of the pics I grabbed today I believe were from 2011 and the bead idea was from this past week.
seeing this one again makes me excited, why didn't I ever do this one! Well, I bought myself a bracelet former for Christmas this past year so I think I'd better take another look at this design and try it.

Had forgotten about this little owl idea(which is why I love to scribble down all ideas because I'd never remember them all).

Someone please keep on me to work on this one!
Check out my fellow EtsyMetal teammates and their sketchbooks:



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