Monday, January 4, 2016

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival- 2016 Plans

Since we just looked back on our year we are now discussing what we see for our upcoming year for our businesses and personal.

I'm super excited to be signed up for 2 engraving classes this year at GRS Training in Emporia, Kansas. If you have an interest in engraving or stone setting I highly recommend attending classes there. I really look forward to spending a week with other metalsmiths/jewelers. This year I will be taking deep Relief and Western style engraving.

I bought my first little pieces of gold last year so I'm anxious to make a few higher end pieces this year(and work on that stone setting!)

Personally I need to get a hold of my weight! Gained ten pounds last year so I have got to watch my sweets and walk more. So far I've signed up for a yoga class as I also need to work on getting the blood pressure down!

It should be a fun year, I've already made two pieces that I am really pleased with.

Check out my fellow teammates and their thoughts on the upcoming year:



Kalaya Steede said...

Your ring is pretty fabalous! I get on the eliptical 4x a week. It's hard but once you make it your ritual it gets easier. Happy New Year!

andrea said...

Oh my gosh that's great Kalaya! I did my first yoga class yesterday, it would sure be easy to say that's it, I'm done but I'll keep trying. I can definitely feel it today!

Beth Cyr said...

yay for yoga! maybe start w/ a gentler class if you're too sore? as a yoga teacher, our style is pretty adamant about not hurting. And I love those earrings! I'm super excited for this challenge.

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