Monday, April 6, 2015

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival- Additional Interests

This month a few us will share some additional interests we have outside of metalsmithing. I have several and they tend to take over the house! But mostly I thought I'd share my new love of bread making. My husband and I spent the holidays in Germany, Poland and Czech this past winter and I just fell in love with all the fresh breads we were eating over there that I decided when we returned home I was going to start baking all our bread from scratch. Nothing like a polish sausage on a fresh baguette! So now my new Sunday routine is baking bread for the weeks lunches. So far I've done white sandwich bread and yesterday was my first attempt at baguettes.

Check out my fellow teammates below:

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Anne Walker said...

Andrea, check out my post--we both started the year wanting to make bread! Yours looks fabulous.