Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blog Carnival- March

The theme for this months EtsyMetal blog carnival is "What's In your jewelry box".  I have a really large jewelry box!! Next to purses jewelry is my favorite thing to shop for.

My great aunt and uncle have sold native american jewelry for probably over 40 years. It was the first jewelry I owned and the largest of my collection.

My mom bought me these at a little gallery in Memphis.
While in college I worked at a wonderful little gallery in Memphis called Metalwerks. It was downtown right across from the Peabody hotel. I had so much fun during my days there and definitely added to my collection in huge way. These are my fav's from the gallery. They are made from sculpey clay and painted by Andrea Szekelyhidi in 1988.

More from Metalwerks gallery. Painted aluminum and coated with resin.

A couple of polymer clay pieces purchased on trips. The fish I bought from an artist set up on the streets in San Francisco.

A vintage necklace that my grandpa gave me and an awesome vintage biker ring that Bryan and I picked up on our last trip to New York City. We had sought out a coffee shop that a friend recommended and this shop Vintage Stock was across the street so we wandered over for a look. Well, we were in there for I think 3 hours talking with the owner! This ring wasn't even out yet, it was still in her apartment that was across the street. She ran over and got it to show us. The shank was bent in but we loved it and brought it home with us and hammered it back out.
And an awesome beaded Thor by my friend and co-worker Cindy Ross. She beads the cutest character brooches. I definitely love fun jewelry that makes me smile and am drawn to images and symbols. Hope you enjoyed this brief snippet of my jewelry box. You can check out a few of my fellow EtsyMetal teammates boxes as well on this blog carnival.

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