Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!

After some bone chilling temperatures lately it was such a nice surprise to have a weekend in the 50's! Bryan and I spent several hours each day sitting at our favorite coffeeshop soaking in the sun and sketching.

  The BAD(brooch a day) challenge is over and new challenge groups are off and running for 2014 and yes I'm crazy enough to have signed on for 2 this year. The first group is called "365 Revisited" and we will be drawing a random number each week between 1-365. Whatever brooch that the number corresponds to with our BAD brooches or even the RAD(ring a day) pieces from 2010 we will create a piece based from those designs. The above piece is from last week(#322), I made a cameo of my husband Bryan.

Also, this weekend in the studio getting geared up for some valentines necklaces.

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