Wednesday, December 11, 2013

End of the year..

 I've been doing some enameling this week and working on some ideas for next year. These feathers will be the start to a really large statement necklace.
The Brooch-a-day challenge is coming to its end soon, yay! It's always tough doing a 365 challenge but  I always come away with lots of new ideas. Here's a link to all the Brooch a Day(BAD) pieces so far.


Lorelei Eurto said...

Ugh these are to die for!!
May I ask what you're doing with all these brooches? Just curious. Sorry that I missed the initial post about your project.

andrea said...

Hi Lorelei,
Some I have sold, traded or even taken apart to make other things. They are piled in boxes in a couple of areas of the house. I'm thinking I may put the photos together in a little book( although I didn't take the best pics throughout this!).