Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Inspired by...Codognato

 Yesterday I discovered the jewelry of Codognato. This is a jewelry house in Venice, Italy that has been in business since the mid 1800's. They are especially known for their skull designs and it is obvious to see why! Major sighs occurred when I saw all these gems.

 People always ask why I make skulls and I often wonder if I should slow down on them but seeing this work just made me feel good about my love for using them. I will not quit making skull jewelry! Although I still don't feel like I can use those pieces when I apply to art shows, which is really sad. Last night I happily sketched out a small collection of new skull designs that I will work on next month during christmas break.

Oh x-mas break! A week off from work, I can hardly wait.


Eccentricities said...

This jewelry is amazing. I, too, love the skulls. Can't wait to see your new designs!!

Paula said...

These pieces do have a very Venetian look to them. Beautiful