Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paper Gowns

Iam so excited to finally be able to show you what I've been working on since July at my day job. We are setting up our xmas decor at Halls Crown Center. Everything this year is made from Hallmark christmas cards in celebration of their 100th anniversary.
This lovely lady is Holly, as viewed when you first enter our store. The trees and platform are covered with cards as well.

A close up of her vest. I made everything removable with velcro closures. If you happen to be the same size as Holly this vest is totally wearable. I can put it on but sadly I can't close it shut!

The lower back of her dress has an accordian fold detail and they are approximately 200 little red flowers on her skirt.

I will share LOTS more photos of our card creations. I made 3 dresses and a pair of men's pajamas. I will also share a step by step tutorial on how I built one of these dresses. Stay tuned!!

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Paula said...

Absolutely amazing, can't wait to see all the displays in person. WOW!