Sunday, November 1, 2009

the rest of the week...

This is a photo of me playing around in the cemetery for my bridal shots. Wednesday was mine and Bryan's 9th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to a zombie play called Maul of the Dead, very campy and fun. The next part will be of no surprise to most of you but we then went over to latteland for the rest of the evening.

The mantle dressed up for Halloween. This has been such a crazy year that we didn't get anything new for the yard decorations and just barely got the house decorated. Normally we carve enough pumpkins to line the porch so it was a little lacking this year. Mikey cat was mesmerized by the candle flames. I was a bit nervous with him being next to them but he did really great and sat on the table next to them most of the night watching all the trick or treaters. He even stood next to me by the door a couple of times as I handed out candy. Sugar on the other hand got one look at children and said"im outta here!"

We always finish the weekend off at Latteland. Mac's parents did the sweetest thing and sent us a gift card for the coffee shop. We took this photo tonight. This one's for you Mac!

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