Monday, November 2, 2009

portrait of Mac

A very cool portrait of Mac sent to me from Jeff Ritzmann.


gW said...

The second half of the much-heralded Jeff Ritzmann interview. Jeff tells us what happened 13 years ago that made him connect the dots between x and his childhood experiences. He then takes us into the events that led to him leaving ufology behind…and what brought him back.

Anonymous said...

Fairytailes...with Love, from the Other side

gW said...

Friday, September 19, 2008
From a Paranoid Letter
Cut up of a message sent to Mac Tonnies:

Leash. Go find it.

Program, based on criteria and an agenda. This list is it?
Op informed.

A fortuitous accident "random."
You really understand? I doubt a very sophisticated CI program in CI op informed topics.

All your experiences regarding how much you have been mentored error.
Isn't healthy to do so.
You confuse. Believe none of this.
I received a mind leash.
Examine fresh all topics.

This CI could name many names.
I received unknown.

The CI operatives have bigger than you can imagine false trails without help.
The CI operatives have a list leash.
Go find it.

I received a warning field.
An operative lives in those on this list.
Or is it?
Message is said with plausible deniability. Trails without help.
It is time to mentor and you have a mind leash. Vital step in games.
Or is it?

You with plausible deniability. Names once I respected.
None of this is true.
Several of your travels were your choice. Respected.

Accident "random" error
A quiet room unknown.
A fortuitous accident.

Go with plausible deniability.

You have a mind leash. Go down false trails without help. Names once I respected.

Operatives have a list and healthy to do so.
Time to mentor and influence.
Mentor and influence.

Do you really understand? Is either raving nonsense or really believe.
Confuse and travel down false topics.

Believe none of this effort.
I could name many names. All mind games.

Or lives in AZ.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mac's mom and dad are getting copies of all these photos, e-mails and tweets. The portrait is beautiful.