Sunday, June 14, 2009


Bryan's First Blog

First off thanks so much to my wonderful wife Andrea for such a great introduction. This is my first blog ever. Hopefully the first in a long line of fasinating stuff you never knew you wanted to know.

Andrea did a great job of introducing me, and some of you already know me, but how well do any of us really know anyone? This is your opportunity to get to know me. Not just the superficial on the serface me, but the real me. Really get to know me from the inside out. So the image below is an X-ray of my teeth taken last Friday.

Yes this is a real X-ray and yes these are my real teeth. As you can see I'm not perfect. My teeth are a bit crooked, but non of us are really perfect, we just pretend to be, at least I do anyway. If you have any questions or concerns about my well being please leave a comment and perhaps it will be the subject of my next blog.

Thank you for reading. I am looking forward to many more blogs about fasinating as yet unknown subject matter.


Mac said...

I think I see an alien implant. You'll have to extract it yourself, as most dentists are part of The Conspiracy.

I bet Andrea has a pair of pliers you can use. And remember: pain is temporary.

gina m. estes said...

i feel so close to you now that I've really seen inside you!