Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Weekend's Over

Just got back home from our weekly Sunday night coffee, guess the weekend is really over. It was actually a productive one so I shouldn't be too sad. I took Friday off from work and got lots of things done in the metals studio. I was so energized it felt like I'd had a pot of coffee or two.I can't wait for the day when I'm at home making jewelry full time! I came upstairs around 7pm to calm down a bit. Bryan and I went to dinner at our favorite place, Tarrantino's. Joe makes the best alfredo sauce I've ever had!! We finished the night with a walk around the Plaza and a cup of tea.

I have a couple of shows coming up soon and need to keep myself on track with making new items. Here are some of the pieces that I got cut out on Friday. Spent today in the sewing studio and made loads of bias tape, I've got 53 pot holders waiting for the bias edge to be put on!

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