Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A sketch of a necklace idea from Sunday. It was cold and I wasn't feeling too motivated to work on pieces for an upcoming sale so I sat in front of the window soaking in the afternoon sun and did this drawing. Most of the time I don't put ideas onto paper I just start cutting things out or rummaging through my scraps and come up with new designs. My father in law gave me a bag full of spent ammo recently and I've been anxious to use them in my jewelry. I started cutting them in slices and it hit me that the ends would make great eyes for one of my skull pieces which then started the whole idea above. i plan to use all the slices and make the chain from them. This will be my most ambitious piece, hopefully it makes it further than the sketch!

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Elizabeth Fedorko said...

What a great sketch! I love the two different sizes of the skull's eyes!~~~XXOO, Beth