Monday, February 16, 2015

Interfering with my productivity...

I am seriously having trouble wanting to be in my studio lately, the mess has just overwhelmed me. Went down yesterday to start cleaning and just seeing the little bit of tabletop in the last photo in front of the buffing machine is making me feel better already! Figured I'd post this cause if I show you my mess I need to show you the clean-up/after photos right!!!? Thats the plan anyway. :)


Alice said...

What a huge studio! Mine is our dining room. No storage to speak of. beads everywhere.Important papers stacked up on the table taking up much needed space. Many days I walk in and just walk back
because I quickly get frustrated.
Good luck with your organizing.

andrea said...

Thank you Alice! yes, Ive been doing exactly that walking down there and back out and I really need to get some new pieces made. My mess has spread across half our basement, time to reel it in.