Monday, July 1, 2013

Favorite recipes

For this month's Etsy Metal blog Carnival we are sharing our fav recipes. This recipe for Spicy Peanut sauce with brown rice noodles and veggies and veggies has become my absolute favorite dinner to make this year. You can change up the veggies each time you make it and it's always yummy!! i will just give you the link to naturally Ella's blog where i've been getting most of my recipes this year, I highly recommend her blog!

Naturally Ella

Check out some other fav recipes from my etsy metal teammates here:

2. KSkilesJewelry
3. Peculiar Forest:
4. Laura Jane Bouton
5. Abella Blue


Evelyn Markasky said...

That looks quite tasty and thanks for the link to a recipe blog, I will have to check out the rest!

AdobeSol said...

What a great recipe and recipe sit!! Adding to favorites.

andrea said...

Ella's blog has really become one of my favorites. She always posts recipes that go along with what's in season and the kind of items that most people get in their CSA bags.