Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Challenge for 2013

Well, a challenge for 2013 has been put out on Flickr for all to join who would like to make a brooch a week. You can join the group here on Flickr. I think I've finally recooped from doing the Ring a Day in 2010 and am ready for this. A few of us are going to do a brooch a day because we think its actually easier for us to stay motivated. Yesterday at work I did a little warm up brooch and used materials in my cubicle. This brooch is made from plastic packing straps, elastic string and a big paper clip. Inspiration is everywhere! I love to play with non conventional materials and in a spontaneous way like this. I now will attempt to make this idea out of copper and enamel. If I were just sitting at my bench with my metals I would never come up with this sort of line. I look forward to this brooch challenge and making this piece in metal next year.


Paula said...

That would be great in metals.

Victoria Takahashi said...

you go girl!