Sunday, August 26, 2012

A skull in progress

Most of the time my designs are not pre-planned and sketched out. This piece started because I was rummaging through all my license plates and the color of this NY plate just struck me so gorgeous. I pulled it from the box and as I was looking at the colors and scratches the "X" screamed out skull and bones to me. Ok, I know your probably thinking that theme screams at me daily. It does, but this one was extra loud.

So, I had a skull cut out on my bench for another piece and grabbed it to put on top of the X. Yep, I'm making this for sure!

I've been playing around with steel this summer and put together a chain that's both sterling silver and steel. The skull will be bezel set in sterling with copper behind his eyes. Can't wait to see him finished. Im also trying to make more pieces that guys could wear. This one could definitely be worn by male or female.

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Paula said...

Great love it!