Monday, July 2, 2012

Call for Designers!

Ice Resin is thrilled to announce that they are searching for 5 new Designers to join their 2012 -2013 ICE Resin Creative Team. As of today the application process is open to all of you!

What We Are Seeking

You might wonder what we are seeking in a Designer; we are looking for someone with not only a keen eye for deign but also a strong understanding of trends as well as individuals with the ability to think outside of the box while remaining cutting edge, trendsetting and true to their own style. Keep in mind while we are seeking artistically minded Designers we are not necessarily narrowing our vision to those who are widely known in the industry. Rather, it is our hope to create a team of Designers with various skills and design aesthetics. While our Designers are provided with products from the Art Mechanique line we are looking for compositions that stand on their own with fresh ideas not replications or interpretations of what is currently in the Arts and Crafts world at this time. It is important to keep in mind ICE Resin® is not just for creating jewelry but rather multiple applications such as Mixed Media Assemblage, Paper Arts, Scrapbooking and more!

What to Expect

Designers receive a box of hand selected items from our line of amazing products each month such as bezels, chain, fibers and of course ICE Resin®. Each Designer is asked to create a combination of 2 Projects and 1 Short “How To” within thirty days of receiving their package. Each year we participate in various trade shows and workshops; for these events we rely on our Designers to come up with artwork, jewelry and assemblage to be used in our displays for which they receive compensation.
To be considered for the Creative Team simply fill out the provided application ( ICE Resin CT application ) and be sure to attach 3 photos of your most recent work. To be considered please submit your application and photos to On September 16th we will be announcing our new Creative Team. Thank you so much for your interest we look forward to another year of creativity!

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